Salomon Snowboards Hologram Snowboard Binding Color L $289.95 The instant you drop in with your feet strapped into the Salomon Hologram Snowboard Binding, all your preconceived notions of how a binding should feel will be shattered. The ShadowFit system provides a combination of flex, response, and comfort that you'll scarcely be able to believe is real. The ShadowFit baseplate features a KEVLAR QuickWire heelcup, which replaces the traditional rigid heelcup with a flexible one that truly conforms to your boot when you crank down the straps. This not only makes it more comfortable and allows you to tweak tricks farther, but it also increases response because of the continuous contact with the heel of your boot and the KEVLAR wire running through it. The hologram highback features the an ergonomic shape and flex to create a seamless connection between your boot and the highback. Additionally, the canted footbed is angled to line up your legs in a more natural position for improved response and less fatigue. Airbed air bags in the heel work alongside the dualdensity EVA footbed to cushion your foot from big drops and reduce vibrations when you're ripping through chunder and chop. 3D Asym Supreme ankle straps provide pressure pointfree comfort and LockedUp toe straps are coredout to shave weight. Powerglide buckles crank down powerfully, yet have a buttery release so you can get in and out of your bindings effortlessly. It seems too good to be true, but the Hologram is not an illusion.

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